November 16, 2006

Is Your Neighbor Qualified?

You may like your neighbor a lot and we know you love your children, but are they qualified to design your portfolio site?

Practically every high school or college student has taken some sort of basic web design class. You can even take basic web design classes at your local community center these days. But does that make you qualified to design a professional portfolio site?

Your company site needs to be attractive and informative. You want your potential customers to read through your company information and purchase your products or services. You don't want them to be bombarded with harsh graphics and useless information on your home page. Remember, this portfolio site will be the face of your company on the internet. What do your want your potential customers to see there?

November 07, 2006

Who's going to design your portfolio?

After you gather your information you need to decide who you are going to get to design your portfolio site.

But who are you going to get? Someone out of the phone book? Your next door neighbor? One of your kids?
  • How do you decide which option if best for your company's needs?
  • What happens when you need your site updated?
  • What about a time frame?
  • Can they help you get your web site name?